NFL Betting: Ron Rivera’s message to the team: “I want total commitment”

Cam Newton Panthers

After missing two days to attend his brother’s funeral in Reno, Nevada, Panthers HC Ron Rivera came back to the training camp with a clear message for his players inspired by his brother, full commitment in the field. This message was inspired by witnessing his brother’s two year battle to cancer. It’s now up to the players to respect that message and carry out into the field as they will try to win a third NFC South Division title and give their fans and other NFL Betting fans some great football action throughout the 2015 season.

Ron Rivera 2015

The Carolina Panthers have what you’d call a mix of veterans and young guys. While players like Greg Olsen and Jonathan Stewart aren’t technically “old” at 30 and 28, they aren’t the youngest guys in the roster anymore. A couple of players falling under that category include Kelvin Benjamin (24) and Cam Newton (26).Taking into account that this is a team that is being looked at as a favorite to take the division the question now is, who can step up to help this team continue their stride and live up to expectations?

A lot of talk has gone around about the talent that one Devin Funchess will bring to this team, that is hoping that the transition from college football to the pros will be smooth sailing. Not only does Funchess get the opportunity to work with an up and coming star like Newton, but he’ll be playing right next to Benjamin, which should help Funchess ease into his role in Carolina’s offense quite easier. Devin comes in at 6’4″, making him a major threat for red zone plays, but when we look back at his college football stats with the Michigan Wolverines, he’s also capable of producing a strong yard-per-catch average.

Devin Funchess 2015

Throughout Funchess’ first two seasons with the Michigan Wolverines, he averaged 15.6 and 15.3 YPC. That number dropped to 11.8 last season, but he still caught 62 balls for 733 yards and four scores. When talking about possible limits for Funchess’s growth and talent in the NFL the sky is the limit for him. When it comes to potential, and if both Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen can help make his transition to the NFL easier, Funchess may shock the world and become an immediate playmaker  for the Panthers which will come as great help to coach Rivera, Cam Newton and the rest of the Carolina Panthers.




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